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How to take a screnshot?

Sometimes there are situations when our operators may ask you for a screenshot of the error or the issue on your screen in order to fix or solve it.

These guidance notes will help you take a screenshot.

1. Press the Print screen button on the keyboard (sometimes called PrntScrn, PrtScn, PrtScr or PrtSc) – a screenshot will be copied to the clipboard.

 кнопка Print Screen

2. Open any of the installed graphic editors, e.g., Paint: Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> Paint.

3. In the Paint menu, select Edit-> Paste (Windows XP, Windows Vista) or click the Insert button in the menu bar (Windows 7 and higher).

 Выберите в меню пункт Правка - Вставить

The image is inserted from the clipboard into the graphic editor.

4. Save the screenshot on your computer: File-> Save as.

 Сохраните скриншот на вашем компьютере

How to take a screenshot on the mobile phone or tablet?

Android – Simultaneously press the power and volume down buttons. Hold for a few seconds. The screenshot will be saved on the device

Ios – Simultaneously press home and power buttons to take a screenshot. Hold for a few seconds, you will hear a special sound, and the screen will turn white for a second. The screenshot will be saved in the Photos app.

After the screenshot is saved, you can send it to our operator who will immediately solve your problem.